Welcome All! Vegans! Vegetarians! Pescatarians! Carnivores! and soon to be wanna be Vegans!

Vegan Me Please

Hi! I'm Ashley E!

What started this journey of mine was simply me being tired of eating Seafood all of the time. I would literally eat fish all the time and I was pretty much over it. So, I went on a mission to see what do vegans actually eat.  Hopefully it was more than salad, because I don't even like salads lol. During my journey, I have tried some pretty amazing food, and have even cut all the way back on my cheese. Y'all know cheese is crack!  lol

Well, it's all about baby steps in this journey of a more healthier lifestyle! 

Vegan Me Please is a community of people that are learning how to live a more healthier lifestyle.  Well, it's a community of Vegans, Plant Based Vegans, Pescatarians, Carnivores, and flexatarians. And we are all learning from each other!

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